Amos Oz 's The Land Of Israel : A Critical Academic Analysis Essay

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Amos Oz’s In the Land of Israel:
A Critical Academic Analysis Amos Oz is typically revered as Israel’s most famous author, having written many fiction and non-fiction books and short stories about Israel, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Middle East, and the world. This Ben Gurion University of the Negev Professor of Literature has shaped the way Israelis view themselves and how others view them and one of his most powerful books that does this is In the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel is a series of vignettes about Oz’s travels throughout Israel and the West Bank and portrays the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the perspectives of individuals. Overall, Oz’s book is a success due to its specific analyses, unbiased and open-minded perspective on controversial situations, and engaging accounts of life. At the same time, however, Oz could improve his book by incorporating travelogues from more places affected by the Arab/ Israeli Conflict and releasing a less dated edition. Foremost, there is the fact that Oz analyzes content with a keen eye and does not miss any details, no matter how small or particular. In the section “Insult and Fury,” Oz is holding discussions with far-right Zionists in Givat Sharett (a suburb of Beit Shemesh) about the Arab/ Israeli Conflict and who holds the moral high-ground in the conflict. One exchange on page 43 is quite important to review for this topic. A radical right-winger tries to discredit the Palestinian desire for statehood by…

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