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AMOREPACIFIC I. ACTUAL ACTIVITY MAP AmorePacific- is the leading Korean cosmetics company, established in 1945. Since that time the company presents its unique value and bring the image of “ASIAN BEATY” to global customers. The activity plan was prepared based on the four main sustainable competitive advantages over their rivals. * Large and relevant portfolio * Value-adding innovation * Wide-distribution channel * Asian- beauty image To start the analysis we would

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In order to be in the latest trends and make the products innovative, the company consistently investing huge money in R&D. Product quality has since improved rapidly through technical cooperation with leading companies, dermatologist centers, research laboratories. The stability and effectiveness of cosmetic formula has developed dramatically thanks to high-quality technical researchers. The development of new products was also actively done due to the advancements in sciences such as biotechnology. Functional cosmetics were introduced, such as whitening, anti-aging products; BB creams that draw attention worldwide. In order to grow overseas, the company established research centers in 5 countries, where high-quality technical researchers carries research locally, studying the skin of local customers and establish network and collaborations with dermatology departments and universities.

Large and relevant portfolio:
AMOREPACIFIC achieved high sales growth in major growing markets due to the large and relevant portfolio. With nearly 30 brands in their portfolio, including personal care, skin care and health care brands- the company became very popular with global customers around the world. Due to the fact that high-quality technical researchers established partnership with local dermatology centers, universities, they make regular customer researchers regarding the types of skin of
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