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May 7, 2009; would’ve been her Lyric’s 3rd birthday. She remembered being 4 ½ months pregnant with Lyric; she had a routine ultrasound done in which the doctors found what appeared to be a mass in her abdominal area. When she went back for further observation, she learned of the severity of her child’s condition. Lyric was diagnosed with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome). It’s a condition in which an organ(s) grow outside the body. It can usually be corrected with surgery; however, Lyric’s case was a bit more severe. She had almost all of her organs growing on the outside including her heart and intestines. The doctor at that point bluntly said that there was a ZERO PERCENT chance of survival. Surrounded by doctors, nurses, and medical students, …show more content…
She held her for 2 hours until her mom made her release the baby. That was the moment that she knew would be the hardest. To have to release her physically to the nurse and no longer be able to kiss, see or hold her anymore. It hurt because she felt like she carried this baby for eight months and had nothing to show for it. She had to leave the hospital and go home empty handed. Days turned into weeks and turned into months as she suffered from postpartum depression. She would smile in the faces of others who were pregnant and congratulated them, but deep down inside she was jealous and didn’t care about their pregnancy. It was time for six weeks check up; is when she would learn that she is pregnant with her second child. All she could do was cry tears of joy and ask the doctor what she could do to make sure that her baby survived. During her second pregnancy, all she worried about was delivering a healthy baby. Every time she would have her routine check-ups, she would always be scared that doctor would give her bad news. Until, a year later, God blessed her with a baby boy born 363 days, later on, May 5, 2010, at 7:36 p.m. the same time that Lyric was

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