Amnesty International: The Global Issue Of Human Rights

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Hiding behind closed doors, masked by the media and covered by the government, human rights violation is something that is happening all around the world with little to no recognition. Some may argue that the people who fell victims to human rights abuse did not obey the rules or laws so they deserved it, which may be true. But would you still say that if the rights of your own or someone you love started to be violated? With hope of a resolution, an independent international organization in support for human rights known as Amnesty International finally put the human rights argument out for the world to see. After winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 they continue to build their effectiveness in bringing their argument to the eyes and doorstep of the people. With the help of Walker Werbeagentur Zuerich, they released the campaign in Switzerland on May 29, 2006 titled “It’s not happening here but it’s happening now” that almost immediately caught the …show more content…
Daniel Meienberger, the marketing manager for Amnesty International, states "The aim was to make the people of Switzerland aware of the issue of human rights abuse. Unlike other non-governmental organizations, Amnesty International’s line of activities wasn’t always clear to the public. We wanted them to know what kind of issues trigger Amnesty International action.”. This statement allows people to understand that they take their jobs and such issues as human rights abuse seriously. Meienberger then states “The campaign was discussed in over 400 blogs, and on our own Amnesty website we saw a twentyfold increase in visits.” which proves that their campaign has had a major impact on their audience. So, with this being said, help make a difference and join Amnesty International in their movement to put a stop to all human rights

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