Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies: a Study Post Colonial Perspective.

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The Opium Wars, 1839-1842 and 1856-1860


Sea of Poppies is the novel set prior to opium war, on the bank of the Ganges and in Calcutta. The author compares the Ganges with the Nile, the lifeline of the Egyptian civilization attributing the provenance. He portrays the character as poppy seed is emanating in large numbers from the field to sea, where every single seeds uncertain about its future. The main characters in the novel are Deeti, a mulatto American sailor, Zachary Reid, an Indian raja or zamindar called Neel Ratan Halder and a venerator opium trader, Benjamin Burnham. Deeti is a simple and ordinary village woman, who comes from a poor family. Wife of a drug addict person, Hukam Singh. His lascivious
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When her husband Hukum Singh, an opium-addict takes turn for the worse, she has to live in a perpetual fear of his dishonest, lascivious brother Chandan Singh. Chandan Singh is the real father of her daughter Kabutri. Her husband dies early; Deeti decides to keep her daughter with his relatives. Her brother-in-law Chandan Singh is eager to see her burn on her husband’s funeral pyre. Deeti is almost certainly doomed when she decides to go through with the customary Sati pratha but the Kalua, the ox-man from the neighboring village comes to her rescue. Kalua belongs to low-caste. Deeti has long held a secret attraction for him. Since the time she had helped out kalua. Kalua also confesses equal love for her. She has the courage to elope with Kalua. This is not acceptable to the villagers. They both hide themselves for a long period until they get an opportunity in the form of a schooner. In order to escape Deeti’s in-laws, they decide to join the crew of Ibis as indentured servants and go to mingle into the girmityas. It is the moment of departure which is most poignant. Deeti, an illiterate farmer’s daughter, leaves her young daughter behind with the feeling that she is going to a land which she know nothing about. She believes that this is written in her fate. Neel Ratan Halder is an upper caste Brahmin, land-owing raja, who has

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