Amistad Is So One Of The Densest Film About Slavery Essay example

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Amistad is perhaps one of the densest film about slavery.
The synopsis reveals the originality. This is not a simple story of a slave on a plantation or elsewhere that seeks to win his freedom. No, the frame is attacking the very essence of slavery in a sensitive period when the controversy surrounding this issue divided the American public. Indeed America has officially renounced procure slaves outside its borders in finding unlawful the removal of blacks from their land across the Atlantic. A first step that weakens a priori the evil of the slave trade. But unofficially, remains illegal trafficking of slaves who escape police in the United Kingdom, firmly committed to ending it. The most repulsive face of slavery is criticized. Remains to legislate on the future of American slaves to the south, out of the question to change anything. For abolitionists and Christians in the North, the march toward freedom must continue.
The story was set in 1839. A revolt occurs in a Spanish ship La Amistad, carrying slaves. These indeed succeed to free themselves from their chains and armed with sabers, swords, embark on an assault to recover their freedom and force their survivors’ tormentors to take them back home. Obviously, the captain and his partner, held captive, will not do it and after six weeks at sea, the vessel approached American cost and is intercepted by officers. Slaves - the relevance of this term is very questionable in this movie - are put in prison and then launched a…

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