Essay about Amir 's Father And Amir

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The novel then goes back to June 2001 when Amir receives another phone call from Rahim Khan, in Pakistan saying that he is ill and wants Amir to go to Pakistan. Amir hangs up the phone and takes a walk through Golden Gate Park. As he sits he is watching a man play catch with his son, and he watches the kites flying threw the air, the he thinks of something Rahim Khan said to him over the phone. He had told Amir there is a way for him to be good again. About a week later Amir leaves for Pakistan. Amir remembers the last time he saw Rahim was twenty years ago in 1981, the night he and his father had left Kabul.. Amir’s father and Rahim had kept in touch, but Amir had not spoken with him since right after his father 's death. When inside Rahim’s apartment the two drank tea and talked about how Amir is now married to Soraya Taheri, General Taheri’s daughter, they talk about Amir’s Father and his writing career. Then Rahim says that he never doubted that Amir would become a writer. The conversation then turns to what Afghanistan has become since the Taliban took over. While they’re speaking Rahim coughs blood into a napkin, and Amir asks how he is. Then Rahim replies that he is dying and does not expect to live through the rest of the summer. Rahim had asked Amir there because he wanted to see him before he died, but also because he wanted something else from Amir. In the years that he had lived in Amir’s father’s house in Kabul, he was not alone. Hassan, his wife and their son…

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