Amir And Baba Relationship Analysis

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The Relationship of Amir and Baba In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the main character and narrator, Amir, has a very complex relationship with his father, Baba. Amir and Baba are nothing like the typical father and son bonds that readers would expect. Amir loves Baba very much, however, throughout the book Amir feels as if he is fighting for Baba’s acceptance and affection. Although their relationship is strained for a majority of the book, there are both differences and similarities that Baba and Amir share. These differences and similarities help readers identify the theme of tension between father and son, and help the readers understand the dynamics of both characters. To start off their relationship, as a child, Amir found a love …show more content…
Amir is awfully rude to people whom help him succeed the most, mainly including Hassan and his own father. Amir is a narcissist who only cares about himself and not the needs of others and Hassan always seemed to get the brunt of Amir’s anger and selfishness. Amir, because he had been pampered all his life, would never stop disrespecting Hassan and bullying him. Because of Amir’s unlikable personality, Baba out of all people is the most disappointed. Baba was not always there for Amir because he didn’t understand why Amir isn’t exactly like him. Baba speaks to Rahim Khan, his business partner, about his misunderstanding of Amir, and doesn’t quite grasp why his son’s interests aren’t comparable to his own: “He’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some dream…I wasn’t like that.’ Baba sounded frustrated, almost angry” (23). Baba was an exceptionally distinguished man and loved entertaining guests with elaborate parties showing his wealth. Amir on the other hand, prefers to be out of the spotlight and away from attention. He would rather have the company of a good book alone in his room. This dynamic comparison comes with much frustration and anger between the two characters. Baba can never accept that Amir doesn’t follow in his footsteps and that they are in fact different.
Hosseini has created a complex father son relationship among Amir and Baba in The Kite Runner. Baba, lacks the deep love most fathers have for their sons which affects Amir’s upbringing. Because Baba’s expectations for his son are so high, it forces Amir to focus on nothing but pleasing him. Amir would have been a completely different person if he weren’t motivated but one thing, which is Baba’s acceptance. Hosseini includes many examples of trying times for this father-son duo which enhances the theme of tension between father and

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