America's Quest For Global Dominance Case Study

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Us humans pride ourselves on our intelligence. We certainly use our brains differently to all other animals, often in unusual and surprising ways. Does being clever make it likely that human beings as a species will survive for a long time? Far from it, Chomsky suggests.
The problem is that we look at the world through a set of beliefs and values that prevent us acting in our own long term interests. The US, the world’s most powerful country, is far more interested in projecting its power across the globe than in tackling problems like global warming and falling oil reserves. Where goals conflict, it is the pursuit of power that wins out. It has to be said, that Chomsky himself is more interested in describing the role of the US as a global powerhouse than in what it has or could have done to ensure the survival of the human race.In fact the biggest part of the book is an extended digression into how US power works. But what a splendid digression it is. We are treated to a detailed review of how the US has created and ruled its extended informal empire, especially since the Second World War. The subheading – America’s Quest for Global Dominance – is a better description. I think it was probably added after the book had been finished.

Since overtaking Britain economically in the
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It isn’t yet clear, not to me at any rate. The strength of the US is so well founded it is very hard to imagine it losing its pre-eminent position. But history is a fickle mistress. A hundred years ago it would have seemed far fetched to suggest that Great Britain would lose virtually the whole of its empire in less than fifty years. The ultimate irony would be if Chomsky’s book moves on from inducing Latin Leftists with rage and indignation to being read by former neocons with nostalgia for the days when the US really did have things stitched

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