America's Attacks In The Battle Of Pearl Harbor

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In the wake of Pearl Harbor the U.S. needed a plan that would set the Japanese back enough for the American troops to regain a foothold in the Pacific. The Japanese had already conquered many of the small islands surrounding its mainland, including Guam, Cavite, North Borneo, Rabaul, Singapore, Java, and Bataan. Their forces were also close to taking central Burma; they showed no signs of stopping. America was still reeling from attacks on U.S. soil in Pearl Harbor and its mainland where a Japanese submarine attacked an oil refinery near Santa Barbara, California. America wanted vengeance.
President Roosevelt demanded retribution for Pearl Harbor and wanted to help boost the morale of the American people after the success of Japanese troops in the Pacific. Lt. Colonel James H. Doolittle of the US Army Air Corps was the man
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The bombers were to be launched from atop the USS Hornet, a US Navy carrier ship on its maiden voyage, as soon as they were close enough to reach the coast of Japan. The bombers and crew were loaded onto the carrier and escorted through the Pacific by the carrier USS Enterprise, 3 heavy cruisers, 1 light cruiser, 8 destroyers, and 2 fleet oilers. They were dubbed Task Force 16.
In an interview Doolittle was quoted as saying the purpose of the mission was to “…give the folks at home the first good news we had had in World War II, to make the Japanese question their warlord, and it caused the retention of aircraft in Japan for the defense of the home island when we had no intention of hitting them again, seriously, in the near future. Those airplanes would have been more efficient in the South Pacific, where the war was going on.” This mission was the first ever to involve the B-25 bombers being launched from an aircraft carrier to attack on

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