Americanization : The Creation Of The Indian Stereotype Essay

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Americanization: The Creation of the Indian Stereotype In Fall 2015 I took an American Indian Studies course, at first I was not thrilled since history courses are not my best subject. However, there was something different about this course that was intriguing. I began to find it appealing due to the information and history that was provided. In my perspective I found a connection with my culture and some of the suffering American Indians went through. As our course continued I was fascinated with the history of Americanization and the process that took course. Many American Indians endured much suffering and were deprived of their culture. Many were separated from their loved ones or had someone pass away due to diseases and battles. Women were rapped and abused. Children were ripped apart from their families and were punished for trying to express their heritage. These facts shaped my interest and I began to do more research and found interesting facts and testimonies that helped me understand the process of Americanization. The process that shaped many stereotypes that are seen till this day.
During the late-fifteenth century, the European discovery of North America resulted in a revolutionary change for the Native American populations as a whole, politically, economically, and socially. The beginning of American history initiated the start of new regulations. Saying this, the post-European contact era resulted in the stripping of Native American culture and beliefs,…

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