Americanization Of The Immigrant Parents : Should They Americanize Their Children?

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"Where are you from?" People always ask this question when they are making friends. However, this is an embarrassing question for the immigrants because they come from their own countries physically, but they are Americans on the inside. They are struggling to either be Americanized or keep their own cultures. Then, it brings a puzzle to the immigrant parents: should they Americanize their children? In my opinion, Americanizing their children is not a good choice because it’s difficult for them to find the sense of belonging in both culture and society. Instead, they should give their children the opportunities to learn about their own cultures and their native languages.
In the past, Americanization is assimilation in the United States. It describes the process of how the immigrants are transformed into the United States. During the war in Europe, the immigrants in the United States were facing a problem about their political stands, whether to their own countries or to the United States. In order to get the political loyalty of the new immigrants, the Americanization movement started, and the United States tried to assimilate the immigrants into the American culture and society through the schools, churches, and unions. Therefore, since the 20th century, the Americanization was gradually labeled as a derogatory term because of the American culture invasion on the other countries, such as the value, technology, media, customs, cuisine, and so on.
The main reason for the…

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