Americanisation Is the Large Influence That the United States Has on Other Countries

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Americanisation is the large influence that the United States has on other countries. This particular presentation will focus on the impact of American culture on Australia. Americanisation had started in Australia in the 1950’s, with the introduction of the Television. Since then, Australian culture has been influenced dramatically by America. Americanisation has caused Australia’s popular culture to imitate American society and culture. This presentation agrees with this thesis and will argue that Americanisation has a positive effect on Australia. In particular, it will examine American impact on Television and food, as well as Australian fashion. Television is one of the major indicators of Americanisation in Australia. …show more content…
This creates a unique blend of Australian cuisine, highly influenced by American culture. This is evidence of the imitation of American culture, as our diets have been made to fit theirs, and our food selections are also mainly American. Australian diets, and Aussie entertainment, have all been influenced by America, and fashion is no exception. Australian fashion is highly Americanized. This means our Aussie fashion has been has been stylized to imitate America, to suit American values and culture. A recent example of this would be the snapback hats and varsity jackets, clothing usually only seen in American Major-league sport, which have been recently introduced into Australian fashion earlier this year. This is an example of American culture seeping into Australian society, and has introduced a broader variety of clothing and styles in Australia. But even before the snapbacks, America already had an extreme influence on what we wear, and how we wear it. This is proved in the sports-wear brand Nike. Nike had introduced themselves as a sport-wear company, and eventually introduced their own brand of clothing lines into Australia. Another example would be the introduction of bandannas and wearing baseball caps back-to-front. These are all examples of Americanisation on Australian culture, and what they wear, affects what we wear, and how we wear it. Australian society has a feint international presence in the world. We are a highly

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