American Westward Expansion : President Andrew Jackson 's State Of The Union Address

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Piece of Writing: (1) . A piece of writing that reinforced American Westward Expansion was President Andrew Jackson’s State of the Union Address in 1829, which promoted Indian Removal and led to the Indian Removal Act. Both the address and act demonstrated Americans’ mindset of being innately superior to the natives, and encouraged Americans to expand west. In the first few years of the 1800s, the United States acquired additional land, the Louisiana Territory, which promoted citizens to move west to claim and settle the territory, however, movement was greatly inhibited due to Indian tribes. Native Americans had populated the continent hundreds of years before whites ‘discovered’ it, so they were not keen to give up their land to the entitled Americans. As an advocate for Westward Expansion, President Jackson suggested to relocate the natives, allowing for American expansion, in his State of the Union Address of 1829. Jackson (1829) proposed that America “[set] apart an ample district.... to the Indian tribes,” to remove them from their land immediately west of the United States, to a new land further out, which could be disputed over later, (para. 4). Because of Jackson’s address, support for Indian Removal spread across the nation, and Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830. Ideas suggested by Jackson in his address were incorporated in this law, which issued an ultimatum for the Indians: either submit to American rule, or be legally subject to “abandon the graves…

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