American Wear : An Entrepreneur Essay

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M. John Auriemma is a very successful entrepreneur, who started and still rules the company American Wear. American Wear is one of the few remaining family-owned uniform supply companies, in the US. As a consequence of that, M. John Auriemma tends to treat his employees as members of his own family, and thus, takes to heart their interests. Indeed, in 2012, M. Auriemma has been recognized as a top employer by the textile rental association, for the high rate of employees’ retention in his company “American Wear”. This proves that a high percentage of M. Auriemma’s employees are satisfied by the way he treats them. Nevertheless, in 2010, at his own surprise, he found himself fighting in court against two of his employees. As witnesses of this, we are tempted to ask ourselves these two questions: can conflicting relationships with our employees be avoided as an entrepreneur? And, if not, how should an entrepreneur deal with them? In order to try to answer these questions, we will, in this essay, focus on how M. John Auriemma found himself in that delicate situation, and most important, how he managed to deal with it.

American Wear, Inc. was founded by Nick Auriemma (father) and John Auriemma (son) in 1984. Started in their home, the five original employees were all Auriemma family members, including Rita who was Nick’s wife and John’s mom. Their focus was to build a company based on outstanding customer service and loyal, hardworking employees who were respected and valued.…

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