American Studies At Penn Charter Essay

1060 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
I wanted to take American Studies at Penn Charter even before my time here started. I looked at Penn Charter in 8th grade looking to come here for high school and while looking through the course offerings, I was immediately drawn to American Studies. History and English have always been my two favorite subjects so I thought this class would be the perfect opportunity to merge both of my interests into one. American Studies is a course that none of the other high schools that I was looking at had and I think that was definitely one of the deciding factors for me. I knew I wouldn’t have another opportunity to take a class like this in my high school career if I went somewhere else. I chose Penn Charter and every year, my heart was still set on taking American Studies my junior year.
Finally, the time had come to sign up for junior year classes and I could finally check the “American Studies” box. We met as a class during a lunch period towards the end of sophomore year just to get to know each other a little bit and to learn about the dynamics of the class a little bit also. This is when I realized this class was going to be different than any other I’d taken before. I was going to experience being a minority for the first time. I am a white, Catholic, upper-middle class girl who has lived in the suburbs her entire life. Nothing about me has ever screamed ‘minority’. I was one of five students who aren’t black and one of three white students. I have to say, at first it was a…

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