American Society 's Impact On The Civil War Of 1812 Essay

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American society had been divided ever since the passage of the Constitution in 1789. The vague nature of the document and its room for interpretation created controversy. On one side, George Washington and the Federalists wanted a strong national government and political stability, while on the other, Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans desired a more moderate national government and an independent farming society. During his presidency, Jefferson implemented such changes in order to progress toward this American agricultural civilization. However, after the War of 1812, America experienced an abrupt change in attitude toward the ideas of entrepreneurialism and industry. Innovations such as the power loom and the spinning jenny were adapted in America, contributing to the transition from personal farms to factories for production and an increase in exports. Although the economic changes from 1815 to 1846 negatively impacted social equality, the efficiency and commercial value they created made the United States a better place. The commercial changes led to violence in the Old Southwest, the mistreatment of immigrants in factories, and the formation of a proletariat class, each contributing negatively to American society. As people rapidly migrated to the recently annexed territories of Mississippi and Alabama in the late 1810s, the governments formed in the region were slow to adapt to the newly created problems and did not have the power to oversee such issues. (Howe…

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