American Society, Traditions And Cultures Essay

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Living in American society, traditions and cultures influence many ethnicities that involve the society overall. Someone one like Marlon Wayans who influences fans through his comedy states, “There are so many things to talk about between black people, Hispanic people, white people, gay people, men, women; it’s all based on fear. We all have fears, this thing that stops us from embracing, as we are one. We are never going to be one. People are messed up, but humor lets us see how ignorant we can be.” That being an example that anyone with logical reasoning is capable of realizing the defects in America. Everyone has their own opinions on everything, yet we can all agree that we should be educated enough to realize what is right from wrong. In Manuel Muñoz’s essay; Leave Your Name at The Border; we can tell that he struggled a lot trying to fit in a city where he was limited to the people he met. We experience a lot such as meeting people with different backgrounds, realizing that not everyone is from the same place or ethnicity and that names matter in the fact that they carry a story behind it.
Manuel Muñoz comes from a place where not everyone is appreciated for his or her differences. “Around Fresno, identity politics rarely deepen into exacting terms, so to say “Mexican” means, essentially, “not white”… You’re either Mexican or you’re not. If someone wants to know if you were born in Mexico, they’ll ask”(208). Manuel was not very much exposed to acceptance of others.…

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