American Society And Its Influence On Society Essay examples

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Throughout the process of aging, different cultures perceive aging in their own individual ways. Culture can play a huge role in which one ages and how society is to view those who age. However, each culture has its own beliefs about growing old and what specific roles older people play in the society they are a part of. With a rapid increase in the older population, society has changed to meet the needs of the elder population. The rapid increase in the older population is due to the fact that people are living longer. According to Gardiner and Kosmitzki (2011), “people are living longer than ever before, many over the age of one hundred” (p.79). The North American society focuses more on the younger generation than the older generation. This has led to some challenges for the elders and need for society to change. With the challenges can led older adults to feel like they are a burden on society, in which their contributions are not valued or have little impact on society. Unlike North America, other societies and cultures see that their elders are looked after and highly valued. Those elders who feel valued look forward to the aging process, unlike those who do not. Some people tend to have age-based prejudice toward the older population. According to North, Fiske, Conway, Cooper, Osherson, and Todorov (2013), “in the modern world, older people face reduced social and economic opportunities damage to self-esteem, and exacerbated physical health problems….” (p.1). There…

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