American Society And Fulfil The Dream Inspired By Martin Luther King

1900 Words Sep 21st, 2016 8 Pages
After decades of an active effort to eliminate racism from American society and fulfil the dream inspired by Martin Luther King, one may be more surprised to the level that race relations have continued to remain strained rather than disappearing over time (Sidanius, Levin, & Pratto, 1996, p. 385). The structure of American Society can therefore be understood as a social hierarchy with a white population at the top and a negative black reference group at the bottom. Current social psychology models used to explain prejudice and discrimination are right-wing authoritarianism, frustration-aggression hypothesis and belief congruence. It will be argued that social dominace theory best explains racism between whites and African Americans in the United States of America due to the hierarchical social structure described.
Racism can be defined as a belief in a superiority of certain races of the other (Sidanius, Levin, & Pratto, 1996, p. 388). In the United States advancements have been made on both legal and political fronts to decrease racism (Sidanius, Pratto, Martin, & Stallworth, 1991). The legal front consisted of lawsuits and legislation that required various institutions to reduce racial discrimination while the political front considered the application of these laws (Sidanius, Pratto, Martin, & Stallworth, 1991). However, racism continues to be demonstrated in the United States of America as it is a hierarchically organised society that is structured around the concept…

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