Essay about American Sign Language ( Asl )

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American Sign Language (ASL) is a complex language communicated through intricate signs made by a person’s hands with many different facial expressions, positions of the body, and other gestures. The language is most commonly used by the deaf population in United States, and English-speaking parts of Canada, and in certain parts of Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Since ASL is seen as an authentic and definite language, it has many variations such as Spanish and French. There is no set form of sign language that is used worldwide because each variation of is so unique to its area. ASL is an exciting form of communication and beneficial to major parts of the population. ASL was finally a language in 1960, Dr.William Stokoe proved that ASL is a language with linguistic merits. ASL did exist before that though in the early 1800’s a man named Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet went to Europe hoping to find some kind of deaf education. In Paris he meets up with a Laurent Clerc who was a deaf educator at the time and together back in America started the first school for the deaf. In 1817, the first school of the Deaf was opened in Hartford, Connecticut, named American Asylum for Deaf-mutes, Gallaudet served as the principal while Clerc served as the lead teacher. Spoken languages are understood through our ears, while as sign language is understood through our eyes. Although there are some solutions in today’s world to help communicate, the difference restricts the deaf and hearing from…

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