American Sanctions And North Korea Essay

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1.Identifiy and explain 2 of Schwartz’s Value Types (using specific examples) which seem to be most “in conflict” regarding this issue. Two of Schwartz’s Value Types that I think seem to be most in conflict regarding the issue of American sanctions and North Korea are Power and Benevolence. When talking about North Korea, one gets the sense that they are totally out of touch with what it means to be a great country. Power is a value of North Korea in part because the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un will do anything to stay in power. Examples of this include, Kim Jong Un having his Uncle executed for not agreeing with his ideas, putting North Koreans in labor camps for trying to escape/defect from North Korea or say negative things about the “Great Leader” Kim Jong Un.
Benevolence is a value that is most in conflict with American sanctions and North Korea because North Korea is equivalent to Nazi Germany in regards to how it treats its citizens. There is no effort for the preservation and enhancement of the welfare of the people with whom one is in frequent personal contact. The leader of North Korea is not helpful, forgiving, or honest. American employs sanctions on North Korea for the lack of these things. America wants North Korea to be a better place and doesn’t tolerate the killing of people who just disagree with a leaders actions or being put into labor camps because they don’t agree with what is going on in North Korea. That is why America has put sanctions on North…

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