Essay about American Revolution

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American Revolution
Section one
American Revolution dates back to the early colonial years. During the stat of the year 1650, Great Britain began to control, limit and restrict their American colonists by forcing them to follow and adhere to some of harsh rule such as the Navigation Act. This restriction took effect alongside many more restrictions. Thus between the year 1650 and 1776, a number of the colonists found it difficult to enjoy freedom and finally they opted to unite and rebel against their home country.
Among the causes of revolution were high taxation, legacy in political issues and general restriction of civil liberals. All these added up to the strong forces that propelled the colonists to revolve.
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Similarly, or rather equally, the French was powerful. The combination of the French with the Americans revolutionaries made the entire force more strong and able for a rebellious war again the British. As a result, this inflicted greater losses to the Britain thus crippling all their efforts.
Moreover, Americans had greater and effective tactics that enabled them to rebel with courage against the British forces. The Britain soldiers fought with generally standard weaponries and tactics. Their approach was a wild one but extremely inaccurate with brown muskets that were by massed infantry. All their shots were thereafter followed up with bayonet charges. These were the only tactics that became effective on the other forces that used similar tactics. For instance, when the Britain attacked other European nations, these tactics would work perfectly. Here is where the British army would carry the day. However, the setting of the American theatre was an extremely different one from other nations. The Americans approached fights in wooden places rather than fighting in open fields the same way the Britain or Europeans did. Their passion was to fight in terrains that were extremely rough and tough. They used very accurate weapons such as rifles alongside superior marksmanships that were far much better and suited to their forest combats than the British ones.
The Americans war was more or less like the guerilla one. They

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