American Revolution Cause And Effect Essay

The American Revolution was the most important event in the history of the United States. The significance of this war impacted not only America and Britain, but the whole world. Americans fought hard to gain their independence from Great Britain during this war. Where many colonists fought together for the freedom of their country. The American Revolution originated through the French and Indian war, and writers who argued that power was dangerous, leading to many events and laws that British parliament imposed on Americans, which caused many to rebel against Britain, because of this Americans began hating Britain and Thomas Paine, proposed the common sense of purpose, which was to fight for Americas freedom.
Originally, colonists did not
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Britain began taxing the Americans with the sugar act. This act was not affecting all Americans but made them think about their position against Britain. Britain also imposed a stamp act which taxed all printed documents. This act affected every American in the colonies. Because of this Americans started to rebel against Britain. Americans felt betrayed and thought Britain was going against their freedom. They felt this way because they had never been taxed before. They brought back all of the Enlightment theories and began to have leaders that protested against these acts. The stamp act was significant because it caused America to say they could not be taxed unless they had representation in the parliament. After these acts came the tea act. The tea act was one of the most significant acts of all because it made the Americans take things seriously. The Boston Tea party was their act against this tax. They dressed up as Indians and threw all tea in the Boston Harbor. Once Britain saw this they decided to take away the acts, but began taxing the colonists by trying indirect taxation. Americans decided to stop buying any product that made them pay taxes, in the end it worked, and Britain stopped taxing this.
After many of the Rebellion and arguments between America and Great Britain, an American writer began to share his idea of fighting for liberty. Thomas Paine, who presented the common sense of purpose, thought it was time

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