American Revolution And French Revolution Essay

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On May 13, 1846, after President James K. Polk requested to declare war on Mexico due to their “invasion” of America land. Two days later the congress approved the request and officially declared war. The Mexican War of 1846 determined the destiny of America afterwards. The Mexican war resulted the acquiring amount of land in the southwest of America today. Thus came with the debate of which state should gain lands which reflects the sectional interests of different regions of America. The Southerners annexation the lands as an opportunity to extend slavery and gain benefits. To the opposite, the Northerners were against the spread of slavery. Mingled with different interests, the westerners were uncertain about the issue and have their own sectional interest. Nineteenth century in America was a period of geographic expansion seeking money and land. Surprisingly the Mexican war was inspired by the successful examples of American Revolution and French Revolution (Nardo 7). It first began as a desire for expansion. There was little connection between American and Mexico until thousands of settlers left the east and decided to move the west to the frontier. The Mexican revolution was greatly influenced by the idea of Manifest Destiny. The idea of Manifest Destiny is using up the mind of democratic Americans. Explained thoroughly by Hakim in the book Liberty or all? manifest destiny was first used by John L. O 'Sullivan in an article published in 1845 in the United States…

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