The Most Significant Events During The American Revolution

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This lesson for me, was a review of what I have learned in my younger years. Before the American Revolution began, there are significant events that lead up to its arrival. Such events that should have been red flaring signals to the British to change their ways with the colonies or the colonies would force them too. Let 's take it back to the French and Indian War for a moment, during this time England got a new king, George III. George III was 20 years young when he stepped to the throne, he brought with him his anger and rash personality. George conflicted with almost every Prime Minister he had, he disagreed with most of them. A previous Prime Minister, Robert Walpole had a policy in place that had been working for them. Walpole 's policy …show more content…
In 1765, the British government passed another law raising taxes on the colonies. The Stamp Act, required that all paper products used in the colonies be taxed. Americans are now outraged with anger, it is one thing to tax sugar, something that not everyone uses, but, to tax paper, a necessity to most. A group of irate colonial businessmen and lawyers got together and formed the Sons of Liberty in Boston to protest the Stamp Act. This idea sprung all over the other colonies. The boycott of paper hurt England financially, not to mention the tax collectors that attacked. The Sons of Liberty organized the Stamp Act Congress, which marked the first time that all thirteen colonies came together as one and it will certainly not be the last. The Stamp Act Congress signed a petition, sent it over to England, it read, " taxation without representation." Parliament repealed the Stamp Act about a year after it passed it. This was a victory for the Americans. However; in order to prove that Parliament was the supreme authority, it passed another law in 1766 called the Declaratory Act. This Act stated that Parliament reserved the right to tax the colonies any time and in any way it saw …show more content…
In 1767, Parliament was forced again to repeal the new tax law, the Townshend Duties were abolished, except for that tea would still be taxed. After Parliament repealed its tax in 1767, things cooled down for about three years. In 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred, leaving 7 total dead. The Sons of Liberty gave the title of this altercation between the soldiers and the Bostonians mainly for publicity, it catches the attention of people, it makes Americans hate England even more. Americans did not want the British redcoats to be what seemed everywhere, all the time. The Americans plan is to get them out. A little time passed by and in 1772, a group of colonials in the Connecticut and Rhode Island area had an opportunity to lash out at the English government. There plan is to attack the Gaspee, a patrol ship for the British. Late one night, the group of colonials snuck out onto the water, set the Gaspee afire, and it burnt to ashes. England is highly angered that there expensive ship was burned and that the reputation of their Navy just went down a little. In 1773, a new tax on tea arrived in America. You would think that England would see the pattern of rebellion and violence associated with every new tax they

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