American Public Vs Public Education Essay

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American Public Education VS Public Education of Finland
When asked who has the best education programs around the world, who is the first thought? At one time the United States was easily always said to be the top of everything. Today however, the United States does not even make the top ten in the education standings. In fact according to a chart from Pearson website during “[2012 and 2014 the United States ranked 17 and 14]”. When the US is compared to Finland who in the Pearson chart “[ranked 1 and 5]”, it makes the population wonder how the small country of Finland accomplished it. For in instance, perhaps the simple notion that Finland smaller size allows the education system to run efficiently while the United States vastness interferes. On the other hand Finland’s success might be because there united funding, everyone’s access to good schools, and less significance towards standardized testing.
It is well known that the United States is the third largest county in the world, and it is because of this that the schools are funding is a problem. In the US each state has the right to govern province according to how they see fit, as long as it coincides with the constitution. With that in mind, this means that each state has their own different guidelines set up and that means financially as well. It is up to locals to round up money through fundraisers or donations if there is anything extra that the state would not pay, for example a trip to a museum. On the other…

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