American Public And The New Jersey Essay

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Since the very beginning of the Constitutional Convention the framers debated how to accurately and fairly represent the American public. For the majority of the first month the founders argued about which plan, the Virginia or the New Jersey, was a better fit for the country. For the most part, those who supported the Virginia Plan supported greater democratization, while those who supported the New Jersey Plan opposed greater democratization in fear that the large states would overpower the small states. However, even though the speakers have different viewpoints about democratization, the main objectives were to: accurately represent the American public and to fix the imperfections of the Articles of Confederation.
Mr. Randolph is the first to propose greater democratization with the Virginia Plan. The first resolution of his plan states “that the Articles of Confederation ought to be so corrected & enlarged as to accomplish the objects proposed by their institutions…” (Madison’s Notes pg 30) this shows how the Virginia plan’s main objective is to expand (hence the word enlarge) democratization so the government can have to power to protect “common defense, security of liberty, and general welfare.” To expand democratization Mr. Randolph outlines that the states should be represented in the legislature by the proportion of the states’ given population, additionally he talks about how many branches of government there should be, some reference to a term for these…

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