American Prejudice Of New York Essays

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Still hoping for an interracial cooperation, Wright and his family lived miserably in the racial prejudice of New York. However, with the birth of his daughter, Wright decided to search for a place where a united atmosphere was a reality. While vacationing to Europe, he found this tolerant atmosphere and ultimately moved to Paris. “Wright was impressed immediately . . . by the stunning beauty of Paris. . . . The best thing about the city, however, was the thing that Wright had been looking for, was the lack of race consciousness he discovered” (Wallach 131). Throughout Wright’s life, he lived fearing the white people who dominated the various societies that surrounded him. Born on a southern plantation and raised in the black ghettos, Wright only observed scenes of rundown buildings and violence running through the streets. However, in seeing the atmosphere of Europe, particularly Paris, the beautiful architecture and cultural growth in all art forms attracted Wright’s love for writing. Not only was its edifice imaginatively beautiful, but is living atmosphere seemed like paradise to Wright as well. In comparison to his life which was entrenched in fear and racial prejudice, Wright was now able to stroll through the streets with no thought of racial hostility or stereotypes that would degrade him or his family in any way. Within his short story, “Big Black Good Man”, Wright incorporated his fearful experiences as a child and his observations with his present experience in…

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