American Politics And The Government Essay

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America’s government is based around the constitution, whose, principles were derived by man, who followed religion in hopes of achieving higher power. With that said, politics and the economic turn out all affect the very merit and being of the American people. Religions in America has meaning and many influences in which it helps dictate based on the belief of the unknown being something of a greater importance. We should keep religion out of American Politics and the government because it holds too many assumptions in a world that functions based on results.
Principles and ideologies can be derived from individuals religions, their religious preferences affect their judgement in political and social situations. Since the government was based around the principle that religions would not affect the decisions made, the assumption would be that religious influences would not be used in government policies. Today however, certain religions dominate in terms of White House representatives, officials and anyone in power. This would be shown through lobbying groups who work with certain beliefs and ideas about how America should be and through political actors, those who seem to cover an idea or state of mind for others higher up. Religions such as Christianity, Catholicism and Evangelical Protestants have a high follower count in America and as a result make up the majority of leaders in the nation(Pew Research chart). This is shown through conservatism and outreach the…

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