American Politics And Its Effects On Individual Black People, Black Families, And Black Communities

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American politics have played a major role in what laws get passed as seen in Treva B. Lindsey "Post-Ferguson: A "Herstorical" Approach To Black Violability", where she discusses the need for women’s voice to be heard, even within politics. She writes “The demand for recognition of the humanity of all Black people requires activists, allies, and the broader US public to critically consider the impact of state violence on individual Black people, Black families, and Black communities”. All of the US, including those with the majority of the power such as political officials, should be considerate to those that are a minority, such as black women, in order for the minority to have a functioning, normal life. After recognizing how impactful it is, only then political action can increase. In addition, the quote explains that all major parts of a group, such as activists, their allies, and the greater public should be involved, since intersectionality is present in all groups. In “The Women Card” by Jill Lepore, it describes the history of the republican and democratic parties through a woman 's perspective. It explains how the republican party was originally a woman’s party that aimed to resolve problems that they faced, but over time women began to switch over to the democratic party as men began to take over the republican party and focus less on women 's issues, especially after the signing of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 where they believed all rights and privileges…

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