American Poem Analysis: I, Too, Sing America

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It is shocking how certain groups of people are still suffering from discrimination in today’s society. Immigrant and people with a disability are two groups of people who are left out from certain activities. Immigrants have a limited amount of liberty in this country because they can be deported and do not have the same rights as a resident or citizen of the US. People with a disability have to put up with biases in the workplace. "I, Too, Sing America" by Langston Hughes inspires me to have hope in that immigrants and those with a disability one day will have a part in America.
The first way Hughes ' poem inspires me to believe that one day immigrants will be treated equally. For many years immigrants have been targeted with laws that won’t allow them to have a stable status in the United States. Laws such as SB 1070 which requires police to determine a person’s immigration status based on suspicion when one is arrested. Being an illegal immigrant means that you do not
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Having family members who are immigrants in this country and a little brother with autism sadness me to know that they are not treated equally in certain aspects. Reading the poem takes me back to history class and I recall all the discrimination that Native Americans had to overcome. Hughes describes a struggle by describing that blacks were sent to eat in the kitchen because they were not allowed to share the table with white people. This poem gives me hope that one day I will see immigrants driving, having the right to vote, going to visit any state they want to and getting the opportunity for a higher education. I just want people to open their eyes and see the potential that these two groups of people have and forget about a paper or disability that separates them from the rest and I hope that “tomorrow” this will

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