American Military Power House And Global Threat With The Assistance Of Its Allies

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Cuba once stood as a world leading trade post, Latin American military power house and global threat with the assistance of its allies. With its continuously declining economy, lingering violent and complicated history, it slowly became a powerless cordoned off part of the world. The communist government controls nearly all means of production only allowing its people to make an average salary of twenty two dollars per month. Even with its rich culture, beautiful 16th century architecture, rolling hills and Caribbean beaches, it is still fled by its people. Seeking opportunity in their developed northern neighbor. On 27 October 1492, a Spanish explorer named Christopher Columbus accidentally stumbled upon a group of islands called the West Indies. Now known as the Caribbean Islands. Cuba, the most northern of the islands was inhabited by aboriginal groups such as the Taino tribe. With the arrival of Spanish settlers, these tribes were eliminated due to disease or hardship after being pushed away from their homeland. Spaniards colonized here in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and their culture, language and religion took over Cuba. Colonial civilization began to grow, relying mainly on agriculture and the herding of farm animals. Throughout the first few centuries of colonization, Cuba was only pit stop for the powerful Spanish Fleet. With the fall of Haiti’s sugar-production, the uproar of the independent United States growing economy, Spanish…

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