American Mary As A Surgeon Of Great Skill Essay

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In the 2002 film, American Mary, Mary is a medical student preparing to become a surgeon. In the midst of her financial struggles to pay her bills she applies to work at a strip club. Before the interview ends, she is asked to save the tortured man 's life for large portion of money. She completes the surgery, but returns home in horror and repulsion. She is offer to perform other surgeries, and she agrees because she needs the income. During her internship, Mary is invited to a party with several of the surgeons at her hospital. She is drugged and raped at the party by her former mentor. Afterward she returns to the strip club and hires their enforcers to kidnap her mentor. She performs a series of involuntary body modifications on him, including splitting his tongue, altering his genitals, amputating his limbs, suturing his mouth closed amongst other procedures. She drops out of medical school and goes into consensual body modification surgery full-time. Mary becomes renowned as a surgeon of great skill, who is willing to perform any surgery desired.
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Self-perception theory is the state that individuals observe their own behavior, analyze it by thinking about what could have caused the behavior and then develop a particular attitude depending on this conclusion. Glorified self is defined as a self-identity that arises out of the experience of sudden celebrity and the attending treatment by fans, media, and others.
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