American Male By Michael Rohrbaugh And Dawn By Rose Mcgowan Essay

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Men and women have their differences and own distinguishing traits that determine their individuality from each other. Both have their own preferences over things like food, hobby, clothing, television shows etc., which are heavily influenced by how society dictates it. Sometimes, as an individual, people would tend to have likes or dislikes that would be deemed inappropriate for their stand in society, like gender for instance. Men are expected to be masculine in all aspects – behaviour, personality, gestures, generally in everything they do. Women are also expected to do the same, but by doing so, women tend to stay weak and vulnerable, allowing men to exert dominance over them. These are stereotypical, but dominant perspectives that still exist in society, which were effectively implied in the short films “American Male” by Michael Rohrbaugh and “Dawn” by Rose McGowan.
The first film “Dawn” focuses on a young girl named Dawn, who has hopelessly fallen in love with Charlie, a worker from a gas station, who apparently became the cause of her death in the end. This implies how women are usually the victims of such negligence and how men are mostly the dominant ones. On the other hand, the film “American Male” focused on several comparisons between what a male should and should not do or like in terms of how masculine it would be perceived by others, like how men should not be into arts or reading because it would make him look soft and bookish, how men should wear darker…

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