Essay about American Literature : The Dark Romantics

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American Literature began with the first real Americans, Native Americans. Native Americans told myths that were passed down for generations, often with morals and lessons, told in a mythical, magical style. Puritans shortly followed writing in plain style, often writing of their faith, as well. The Romantics period began in the 1800’s. Romantics wrote in an artistic fashion, drawling things out longer than necessary, and painting a vivid image with all of their details. Dark Romantics, a part of Romantics, was written very similar but was, as the title says, dark. The Dark Romantics wrote of death and despair, things that were saddening and morbid. Realism evolved in 1914, drastically different than the Romantics, Realists wrote about how things actually happened. Realists didn’t care to have “Happily ever after” endings; they told how things actually ending and it wasn’t always good. Modernist broke out of their typical writing styles and what they were comfortable with to start doing their own writing styles. Modernists changed to individualism of writing styles. Each style of writing has changed throughout the years to bring us to contemporary. Styles in writing change, things that aren’t acceptable at one time, might be a few years later. The world is always changing, along with people’s views and acceptance of things. American Literature has changed drastically from the time it first began to where it is now. Throughout the year’s style, topic, tone, and the mood of…

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