American Literature Before Civil War Essay

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February 9, 2013
American Literature before the civil war Introduction In reference to Burt (p.11), the romantic idealism about American writing gave way to a realistic perspective on what America had become under the pressure of war and expansion as well as the acceleration of technological, economic and social change. In reference to Selcer (p.26), American Literature Library has thousands of short stories and classic novels for everyone to enjoy. In reference to Selcer (p.65), organizations devoted to the study of American authors include a directory of member- societies, and membership and event information. The library of America offers American
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In reference to Hewitt (p.14), artists were not merely seismometers of their societies, sensitively registering the tremors of change. They were simply that change, that molten force on the brink of bursting forth. According to Burt (p.123), throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, artists, authored, scientists, and theologians were obsessed with volcanic activity, many of them making regular visits to the geological curiosities. Burt (p.145), the volcano was a central and defining metaphor for these men, appearing so prevalently and pervasively in their paintings, sermons and magazine articles that one quickly began to suspect there was more at stake than geology. In reference to Hewitt (p.41), the fascination of various authors with volcanoes was by no means personal. To Europeans of the late eighteenth century, the volcano reflected the turbulent energies of revolution. Some conservative authors loudly condemned the volcanic revolution across the channel and warned that hasty political transformations had the capacity to produce violent eruptions. According to Hewitt (p.52), on the other hand, romantic authors rejected soon rejected this version of the volcano and discovered in it an image of them: creative, protean and proactive. To make the world new through poetry or art required the destruction of a fallen, corrupt world. It required the volatile re-creation of the world through molten imagination. According to Hewitt

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