American Literature : American Society Essay

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American Society in Films
American society is not an accurately reflected in films. In 1878 American society was introduced to the world of film. Films were a remarkable new innovation that showed Americas advances in technology. Not only was film new and exciting but, it also changed how people experienced emotions. Films have become a huge source of entertainment today but, films do not always accurately reflect American society. Furthermore, teens are not as rebellious as portrayed in films. In addition, love is not always obtained the way films portray it to be. Moreover, crime in society is not socially acceptable and glorified as shown in films. On the other hand, some people may argue that filmmakers do not have the responsibility of creating ethical and truthful reflections of society in films. Although some people may argue that filmmakers do not need to accurately reflect American society, films have created false portrayals of teens, romance, and crime in society.
Films have created a false reflection of teens. Teens are falsely portrayed in films because there exists a prevailing idea that teens revolve their lives around sex and partying. Teenagers are also inaccurately portrayed because films attempt to dictate what teenagers value. While some teens do engage in these activities, not all teens revolve their lives around sex and partying. Instead, teens have begun to revolve their lives around school and have created educational goals for themselves that will…

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