Essay on American Law And American Politics

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Often in American history we focus on the positivity of our country and leave out the negative stuff. We often forget about the Natives who had to suffer in order for these lands to be called our home today. One of the most saddest stories in American history is the near destructive of the native population caused by the invasion of the European immigrants, whom brought diseases such as . The settlers hunted the Natives the same way they hunted large animals and were forced to leave their home lands. Its ironic to think that American law and American politics were never kind to the first Americans. Thirty years ago, all of these tribes were utterly destitute; they occupied arid desert land with no resources and no prospects that their grim financial circumstances would never change. Their members lived in abject poverty and faced dismal future. But one, brave tribe challenged that fate, and on court case made a historical landmark that has made today 's reality for these tribes possible. Many Southern Californians take for granted the presence of palatial tribal casino for granted and fewer know about the Supreme Court 's critical decision. The Supreme Court and Tribal Gaming explores how it is that Native American tribes across the country, and especially those near major metropolitan areas in Southern California, Florida, the Midwest, and the Northeast, have come to profit enormously from tribal gaming and, in the process to reclaim their sovereign powers as tribal…

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