American Journal Of Occupational Therapy Essay

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Nelson, David L. (1997). Why the profession of occupational therapy will flourish in the 21st century. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 51(1), 11-24. Retrieved from
It has been believed that occupation has a therapeutic effect on humans since the founding of Occupational Therapy. Occupation can be defined as the relationship between occupational form and occupational performance. Occupational performance is the doing and occupational form is the format in which it is done. In order to use occupation as a therapeutic method, occupational synthesis must be achieved. Occupational synthesis is achieved when the occupational therapist and the client design occupational forms together to produce meaningful and purposeful occupational performance, and the occupational therapist can promote occupational synthesis through the use of a theory or framework. Occupational Therapy has a diverse amount of models and frameworks that can be used in different populations in a variety of settings for the use of occupations as a therapeutic method. Therapeutic occupations are extremely adaptable and as culture and society changes, therapeutic occupations change with them. Since therapeutic occupations are so basic to human health, Occupational Therapy will flourish because of the adaptability of each model of practice depending on the individual needs of each client.
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Since the founding of Occupational…

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