American Is The Best Country Essay

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To be an American is to live in a place where you have the freedom to be whoever or whatever you wish to be without having to be a person you are not. Americans should cherish that fact that unlike other places, there are freedoms and rights that the people have just for living here. A few aspects that define one as an American is a sense of patriotism and genuine love for their country, having freedoms and rights that allow one to be themselves, and the way that people are able to view the rest of the world. People who live in other nations may not view America as being the best country in the world, and all people live by different standards, only these people are also controlled by their government in every aspect of their lives.This alone does not define them as greater or worse than Americans, just different. America is the most different country of them all, there is not one other nation that is exactly like the United States.

True Americans tend to have a large sense of patriotism. Whether it is at a sports events, school, military services, or races, the Pledge of Allegiance is spoken and the National Anthem is sung. All people, no matter what race, color, size, ethnicity, age, and gender participates in these ceremonies due to it being a testament to what it means to live in America “The land of the free, and the home of the Brave” as said in the National Anthem. Whenever people pass by a person in uniform it is custom stop to thank them for fighting for and…

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