Essay on American Identity : A Person Or Idea?

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“American Identity” A persons identity is defined by as the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another. With that being said the words “American Identity” just does not fit right because America is filled with so much diversity. America is one of the least homogeneous countries in the world, in fact, statistics show that by 2043 there will be no majority in America as the white population will fall below 50% (Cooper). So keeping that in mind, classifying someone as non-American because of the way they speak is a fallacy. This type of fallacy is called the name-calling fallacy, where people associate a person or idea to a negative symbol. America is filled with people who speak differently, however, they are still considered members of the country because they live there. America does not limit its people to one specific idea or quality, it welcomes people with a variety of different beliefs. People should not be looked at as non-American because of the way they talk. America is a diverse country full of people of different races and people who speak different languages. In fact, according to one study 61.8 million people in the U.S. speak a language other than English (Kasperowicz). So when talking about what makes someone American nobody can specifically define what that is because we are all different. The only thing we can specify on about being an American is living in America. Just because someone speaks Spanish and lives in America does not…

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