American Horror Story On Netflix Essay example

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It was a cold evening that Saturday. The chill of the wind stung my face when I walked outside. There was a snowstorm moving in. Since the following day was busy with driving to Kansas City and the going to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts game, my boyfriend, Justin, and I decided to take the evening to relax. We made the decision to eat pizza and binge watch American Horror Story on Netflix. Nevertheless, we had to idle away the time before the pizza arrived and decided to go to Wal-Mart and grab supplies for the game.
We started down the clothing section and gathered items on our list. We needed to have the proper winter gear for our cold day at the game. After the clothing department, we went over to the pharmacy to find a few packets of hot hands. While we searched, we ended up on the aisle that had the pregnancy tests. I began to wonder when the last time I had my menstrual cycle. I looked over at Justin and asked, "Do you remember the last time my aunt flow came to town?” Neither Justin nor I could remember, so I grabbed a pregnancy test just to be safe. The following day we were planning on tailgating at the game and didn’t need any surprises. Finally, we completed our list, paid for our items and returned home.
We could finally relax. Justin quickly nestled into the corner of the couch and propped his feet up on the ottoman. Yet, I could not relax. I was nervous about the pregnancy test. I could not focus on the show. I sat at the opposite side of…

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