Essay on American History Without Understanding The Civil War

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It is often said that one cannot understand the American history without understanding the Civil War. From April 15, 1861 to 1865 April, the United States was between the north and south of the war, also known as the American Civil war. Northern leaders are bourgeois war; combat forces are vast numbers of workers, peasants and black. In the south, insist the war is only plantation slave owners, their war aims to defend slavery, secession, a confederate, reflects the country from the establishment of the moment, have the right to choose their own life of freedom, and the purpose is to beat the north south, to restore national unity and the abolition of the slave system, so that the capitalists get more cheap labor, which makes the capitalist to obtain the smooth development. The importance of the civil war created USA history, American morphology.
Common generalization people made on the Civil War & real reason behind it
The direct cause looks for the Republican candidate for the abolition of slavery Lincoln was elected, and then the Southern States declared their independence, and the northern states to maintain the federal unified grounds, playing such a unification and division of the war.
One look fine, you 'll notice, Lincoln in the 1860 election, only to get the country into four of the vote, except in Vermont, in the northern most states, Lincoln just took five or six of the vote, while in the South he didn 't appear on the ballot paper. That is to say, the Republican…

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