American History : The Trail Of Tears Essay

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Ever since descendants of Americans came to America we have always had conflicts with the Native Americans also known as the indians. Either it be a war between the two different races or just fighting over irrelevant things. One of the unforgettable events with Americans and the Native Americans was the Trail of Tears which involves the Cherokee nation. When the Americans moved the indians off of the eastern lands and moved them west, it killed off of thousands of Native Americans making it a very memorable and important impact on American history. Strictly defined, the Trail of Tears is the main route or routes that the Cherokees took from the Southeast to the land the U.S. government identified as their new home in Indian Territory (Bjornlund 13). The United States selected this specific land in Oklahoma as the new Indian Territory because it was supposed to be a barrier. The Spanish lived in the area below Oklahoma and the Natives were to serve as a boundary between the United States and Spanish. This way if there ever was conflict with the Spaniards it would be with the Native Americans and not US citizens. The Native Americans were the underdogs to the US making it hard for them to stand up for themselves no matter how hard they tried. The US wanted more of the Natives land since it was growing. But always they needed more land, and in north Georgia where we lived, they
Peck 2 wanted a lot more land — our land (Dwyer 32). The United States felt powerful enough to…

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