American History : The Industrial Revolution Essay example

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Davis, Billy
Writing Assignment # 1
HIS300 American History

The Industrial Revolution can be viewed as the transformation in the way goods were made and sold, by American businessmen between 1865 and 1915. They used enhanced technical breakthroughs and creative financing to bring efficiency to their businesses, which dramatically increased their markets and their ability to produce goods. The effects of this change was felt outside the business world, resulting in two key social changes: (1) more and more Americans left farming to work in factories or retail, which caused the rapid growth of cities; and (2) the Americans had less family businesses and more corporate firms. Many historians viewed the late nineteenth century as the modern industrialized America. One historian saw these years as the time when Americans physically and mentally left behind the small communities that made the United States before the Civil War. (Schultz (2014) Pg. 292) The key elements of the Industrial Revolution were railroads, steel, and petroleum. All of them had leaders who took control of their company’s development. These companies, made America a corporate society. (Schultz (2014) Pg. 292) The railroads was the one of the most popular developments of the post–Civil War years. With the support of the federal government, between 1860 and 1915 railroad development rose from 30,000 miles of track to 250,000 miles. By the beginning of World War I in 1914, the national…

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