American History : The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War, also known by those who fought in it as the “great war” (Ford, Ford, & University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999, p.7, para.1), was a tumultuous time in American history: pitting the Union Army in the North against the Confederate Army of the South; waging brother against brother; even causing neighbors to take up arms against one another. With the first-hand accounts writings of soldiers (on both sides of the war), such as A.P. Ford (1999), a soldier fighting for the side of the Confederacy, letters sent by family members left behind on the home front such as those from Ford’s wife, Marion (1999), and even from diaries and personal writings of civilians such as Mrs. Collis (1997), wife of Union Army General Collis, who traveled alongside her husband’s unit for a period of the war, the battles become all too real, too vivid, and heartbreaking. Soldiers in both the Union and the Confederacy believed that God was on their side (Farmer, 2005) and in favor of their respective causes, and each side fought valiantly and violently to preserve the rights of its respective member states. While many hardships befell the Union during the American Civil War, ultimately it was the South which faced the harshest of conditions, eventually leading to a Confederate defeat at the hands of the Union, due to a severe lack of food and supplies, gross medical inadequacies, and an overall failure of leadership.
One of the harshest conditions faced by both Union and…

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