Essay on American History : The American Revolution

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Joseph Skipper
Mr. Thome
American History 1
05 December 2016
The American Revolution
What is The American Revolution you ask? The American Revolution is a time period when many changes and rebellion within the colonies against Great Britain were taking place. Another name you may have heard could be The American Revolutionary War. It was a war that lasted around eight years. The American Revolutionary war lasted from 1775 to 1783. This Revolution was caused by many different acts that made laws and also made taxes. Also it made many political ideas and revolutions all around the world. The colonists didn 't like what they were doing so they rebelled against the British authority. During the Revolution some of the most important factors are the battle of Trenton, the battle of Saratoga, the battle of Yorktown, french involvement and the southern campaign. Throughout this paper be thinking of what you would do in a situation of which the colonists were in. Also pay attention to the important acts, battles, and other main factors as you read. The American Revolution was all started by the british making taxes and laws and limiting the colonies to their freedom. The british wanted the American colonists to pay off a great amount of the war debt from the French and Indian war. The sugar act during 1764 was one of the main acts that led to the american revolution. In the sugar act the british put taxes on sugar and molasses. The colonists did not follow the act…

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