Essay American History : Essential American Documents

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Essential American Documents
Our nation is founded on historical significance, most of which were noted in books or journals from important people who helped change America’s history. Though some documents remain hidden, the many documents we do have are very important to the construction of our nation. Early-American Documents are being used as references today, however, there are also many documents that are not being used that should be. These documents are written from presidents, freed slaves, civil war heroes, and other famous people in history. All of these Essential American Documents have helped our nation.
America, our nation, which was built upon freedom, has been through almost everything imaginable throughout our two hundred and thirty-two years. We have had a revolution, a civil war, a re-construction, two world wars, and much more. Our presidents have all been different, but their ideas were very similar. One president, who also signed the Declaration of Independence, was one of the few to have negative reviews about our constitution, but also approve it, sense he was the composer. Ben Franklin was a philosopher, author, politician, inventor, abolitionist and diplomat. While writing his review of the constitution, he used a lot of humor, but he also used negative statements to re-state the positives. He knew that, even though the constitution wasn’t the best, it was better than any alternative the people, and himself, could devise. He consented to the…

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