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American History EOC Study Guide

1) Reconstruction: A plan to reconstruct the society after the Civil War. This divided the south (except Tennessee) into 5 military districts under the control of the U.S. Army. It was the attempt to reconstruct the south, readmit the southern states back into the Union, and change the life of African Americans. (pg. 414)

2) Freedman’s Bureau: Congress created this in March of 1865 in order to provide help for thousands of poor black and white southerners uprooted by the fighting. They were educated in Freedman Schools, housed, and fed. “Plenty to eat, nothing to do” (pg. 404)

3) Transcontinental Railroad: One of the first railroads built that would cross the whole country. It also helped
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He wrote this novel to describe the horrible work conditions and meat of the meatpacking industry. It led to the development of the consumer protection laws.

17) Food Acts:

a) Meat Inspection Act: Required federal inspection of meat shipped across state lines.

b) Pure Food & Drug Act: Forbade the manufacturer, sale, of transportation of food and patent medicine containing harmful ingredients. The food and medicine containers also had to carry accurate ingredient labels. (pg. 538)

18) Mining Techniques:

a) Hydraulic Mining: The use of high pressure water to blast away dirt and expose minerals underneath. This technique is illegal today.

b) Hard-rock Mining: The use of explosives or cutting away deep shafts of rock to expose the minerals underneath. This technique is dangerous but still used today.

19) Cornelius Vanderbilt: He monopolized the New York railways and 4,500 miles of railroad. He was not a philanthropist. His greatest contribution was $1 million to Vanderbilt University. He was a robber baron.

20) George Westinghouse: He invented the air brake and the automatic coupler making train operation safer.

21) Pullman Train Cars & Pullman Strike: George Pullman owned the Pullman Car Company and designed and built train cars. He cut his employees’ wages once and they went on strike with Debs leading them. President Cleveland used an injunction to stop the strike.

22) Hershey Family: He made new and

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